We sell primarily U.S.D.A Choice grade beef, and some Prime grade too. (For more information on the U.S.D.A grading system, visit this site: Beef Grading.

Some items have pictures attached to show you how it’s prepared or just for ease of recognition. Just click on the symbol (Photo icon) to see the pictures. Please call for availability of products as not all items are available at all times.


Balltips, Dinner Cut
Balltips, Diet Cut
BBQ Chuckwagon Steak, Marn.
Chicken Fry
Chuck Steak
Cube Steaks Fillets, Choice
Fillets, Choice, Bacon Wrapped
Fillets, Choice Tails
Fillets, Choice Butterfly
Fillets, Prime
Fillets, Prime, Seasoned Roast
Flank Steak
Flat Iron Steak
Hanging Tender
New York, Choice, Prime
New York, Sandwich Cut
New York, Dry-AgedPorterhouse – ChoiceRib Eye, Choice
Rib Eye, Dry Aged 
Rib Steak, Choice, Bone-In
Rib Steak, Choice, Boneless
Skirt Steak, Outside, Untrimmed
Skirt Steak, Pinwheel
Skirt Steak, Plain, Trimmed
Skirt Steak, Chili LimeSkirt Steak, Maui MarinatedSkirt Steak, Garlic-Onion (New!)
Swiss Steak
Short Loin, Whole
T-Bone – ChoiceTop Sirloin
Tri-Tip, Whole Bag Only
Tri-Tip Steaks
Top Round Steak, Plain
Top Round Steak, Tenderized
Top Round, Whole
Rib Eye, Original Seasoning
Rib Eye, Prime


Bottom Round – Whole
Brisket, Whole, Trimmed
Brisket, Whole, Untrimmed
Chuck Roast, Boneless
Chuck Roast, Filet
Chuck Flat Iron
Cross Rib
Cross Rib, Seasoned
Eye Round Roast
Heel Round Roast
London Broil – Round
London Broil – Sirloin
Rump Roast
Sirloin Tip, Regular
Sirloin Tip, Peeled

Prime Rib  Click for photos.

Cradled Prime Rib Introduction

Choice – Bone-In, Plain
Choice – Bone-In, Seasoned
Choice – Boneless, Plain
Choice – Boneless, Seasoned
Prime – Bone-In, Plain
Prime – Bone-In, Seasoned
Prime – Boneless, Plain
Prime – Boneless, Seasoned

Triangle Roasts

Triangle Roast, Whole Bag
Triangle Roast, Plain
Triangle Roast, Original
Triangle Roast, Cow Camp
Triangle Roast, Cajun
Triangle Roast, Maui Marinade
Triangle Roast, Mesquite
Triangle Roast, Yukon Gold

And the Rest of the Cow

Back Ribs
Back Ribs, BBQ Marinated
Back Ribs, Seasoned, Cow Camp
Back Ribs, Seasoned, Original
Bones, Dog
Bones, Marrow
Bones, Veal
Carne Asada, Plain
Carne Asada, Chili Lime
Corned Beef Brisket – Flats
Corned Beef Points
Corned Beef Rounds
Jerky Meat, Raw, Plain
Maui Short Ribs
Short Ribs, Thick
Short Ribs, Thin
Short Ribs, Boneless
Stir Fry, Oriental Beef Feet
Heart, Half Only
Soup Bones, Knuckles
Soup Bones, X-Cut Shank
Tripe, Regular
Tripe, Honeycomb, Whole
Tripe, Honeycomb, Cut Up

Ground Meat

We grind FRESH, every day Monday-Friday. Product is quickly packaged and immediately placed in our blast freezer, which helps preserve the freshness.

Ground Chuck-85% lean

Ground Beef-80% lean

Bulk, 1#
Patties, 4-1
Patties, 3-1
Patties, 3-1, 12# box
Patties, 2-1, 12# box
Patties, 4-1, 12# boxKobe Burgers (Wagyu)
Patties, 2-1, 6# box
Patties, 2-1, 12# boxPatties, 3-1, 1# pkg.
Patties, 3-1, 6# box
Patties, 3-1, 12# boxPatties, 4-1, 1# pkg.
Patties, 4-1, 6# box
Patties, 4-1, 12# box

Patties, 5-1, 6# box
Patties, 5-1, 10# box

Bulk, 5#
Bulk, 10#
Bulk, 1#


Beef & Turkey – 1 Lb. Bulk
Chili Grind Ground Chuck
Natural Ground Beef-antibiotic and hormone free
Ground Round, Patties, 5% Fat
Ground Round, 1# Bulk, 5% Fat
Grandma’s Meat Loaf-our own recipe, ready to thaw and cook
Meat Loaf Mix-2/3 Ground Chuck and 1/3 ground pork