Wild Game Processing

700 Atlantic Street
Roseville, CA  95678
(916) 782-2705
Monday: Friday: 8 a.m to 6 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m
Sunday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m
Animals will be accepted until 30 minutes before closing

2015 Game and Hog Processing Fees

Prices include all cutting, wrapping, and grinding  (straight grind only)

Packaging for single serving – add $0.30/lb.

Bears:  We do not process bears, no exceptions

Text Box: Prices  Are   Per  Animal  Deer: 

Under 63 lbs. – $1.95/lb., $50.00 minimum – Boneless

63 lbs. to 100 lbs. – $125.00 flat fee –Boneless

Over 100 lbs. – $1.39/lb. –Boneless

Elk: All weights – $1.39/lb., $139.00 minimum

Hogs: . Under 30 lb.s – $50.00 flat fee

31 to 99 lbs. – $109.00 flat fee

100 lbs. & up – $1.19/lb.

Curing and Smoking:  $1.29/lb., $10.00 minimum

Sausage:  $0.40/lb.

Italian Sausage: $0.99/lb.

Links:  $4.29/lb.

Miscellaneous Charges –In addition to above processing charges:

Skinning: Deer:  $69.00 or $100.00 Elk:  $95.00 or $125.00
Rack Removal: $7.50
Salami: $4.99/lb. based on finished weight (5 lb. min.)( Eg: 10# start weight will net approx. 10 lb.)
Snack Sticks: $6.39/lb. based on finished weight (5 lb. min.)(Eg:  10# start weight will net approx. 8 lb.)
Jerky: $10.00/lb. based on finished weight(Eg: 10# start weight will net approx. 3.8 lb.)
Game Sausage: $2.29/lb. (includes seasoning and 20% pork)
Grind Only: $1.59/lb.  Bulk Pack – $10.00 miminum

$2.09/lb. – 1# packages – $15.00 minimum

 Add 20% beef fat:  add $0.99/lb.

Italian Sausage: $1.99/lb. Bulk Package –  $10.00 minimum$2.79/lb. – 1# packages – $15.00 minimum

$5.29/lb. – Links, Raw

$6.39/lb. – Links, Smoked


Weights:  Animals are weighed at time of arrival.  This weight determines the cost of processing.  Animals typically lose 3-5# in moisture los while hanging.

Tags & Licenses: Presentation of tags and licenses are required prior to acceptance of animals

Deposit:  A $50.00 deposit is required at time of drop off – deposit applied to final charges.

Completed Orders: All orders are to be picked up within 10 days of notification of completion or a storage charge of $10.00 per week will be applied.  Animals not picked up within 60 days of notification will be considered abandoned and disposed of accordingly without refund of deposit.

Rack Storage:  $5.00 per week, two week maximum

Waste Disposal:  $10.00 fee for disposing of hides or internal organs  (unless we skin the animal)

Hang Only:  $15.00 per week – one week maximum

Ground Products Disclosure:  RMC reserves the right to batch process all ground products (straight grind, burger, salami, and sausage) – meaning trim from multiple animals will be combined and processed together.

Cutting Loss: Loss from cutting and shrinkage can range from 30% to 50% depending on starting condition of animal.  Animals may incur moisture weight loss while waiting to be cut.

Animal Quality:  We are not responsible for the quality or nutritional value of your animal.  All heat soured or bloodshot product will be disposed of based solely on our observation of the animal.  You will be informed of any excessive loss.

Refusal: We reserve the right to refuse any animal for any reason.

Out of State Animals:  Meat must be removed completely from the spinal column; from the head all the way and including the tail bone. We will not accept any out of state animal not properly deboned.